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why getting on fast track in china matters more than ever before
» First tier markets are slowly maturing and industry leaders are settling in
» Finding lower total cost suppliers is now make-or-break
» Fast changing consumption patterns and intense competition make China hard to navigate for foreign brands
» Second and third tier cities are driving growth with new investments still rising at double digits
China is still the land of opportunity albeit requiring harder work
how chinese consumers are changing
» Competition is fiercer than in many developed markets
» Chinese market is becoming increasingly mature when it comes to consumer choices, and e-commerce is on the rise
» Brand awareness rises along with knowledge about products - product safety regarding health issues is top priority across product categories
» Chinese consumers are picky and price sensitive - products with prices higher than in other markets or not in line with current global trends are sniffed at
what we do and how we add value to your business
Our clients hire us for help with growing their business either by expanding to new markets in China or building new capabilities
adValio cooperates with professional HR and logistics companies, as well as lawyers and other partners to provide full range of services to our Clients for their operations in China

For responsible businesses, as an alternative to CSR, we suggest:
What is shared value? To put it simply, shared value is about creating economic value for Your business while at the same time benefitting external environment. This benefit might come in form of lower pollution, new products and services gained by the public, or spurring social development of communities where Your business operates.

The idea is to enhance Your competitiveness, while simultaneously advancing economic and social conditions in the communities where Your business is conducted.

To learn more about how You too can create shared value with adValio, click here
Why we are valued by our clients
Our clients hire us for help with growing their business for three simple reasons

1. We deliver no less than what we commit to.
- "We were very pleased that whole project was done on time
and exactly as promised."

2. Our expertise, which is a combination of hands-on experience and knowledge of hard facts on China's economy, ensures outstanding project effects.
- "Excellent quality of deliverables exceeded our expectations, we've never seen anything like that!"

3. We are one-stop shop solution coordinating all aspects of the project, from strategy, through implementation, to day-to-day running of business - if required.
- "I was relieved when I didn't have to spend much time supervising the project, the project manager was very trustworthy and kept me well informed. Everything was taken care of."

who we are and whom we serve
members of our team have successfully delivered projects to dozens of international clients across wide range of industries

adValio is a strategic advisory firm with focus on China. Our services are sought after by foreign enterprises, both operating in China, as well as ones wishing to enter this market. Our team's experience lies in industrial and consumer sectors, including automotive, metal, finishing materials, and FMCG.

We have adopted flexible team structure, therefore we are always able to build the team with resources that are most beneficial to our clients. adValio's core team is based in Shanghai, while ad hoc partners and subject matter experts reside in various geographies. As a result, we can easily adapt to our clients' needs.
  • International clients

  • Clients with prior business in China

  • FMCG goods

  • Core team members with international experience

  • Chinese speaking staff

how you can begin adding value with us
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where we are and how you can reach us
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